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« Thread started on: Sep 27th, 2006, 04:30am »

The following are suggestions for first aid kits from a few good sources.
Pharmacist and Toxocologist lists her Avian First Aid Kit
kit and how to use it
Another good list

Additional Supplies
For those who are more experienced and/or less squeamish, or who simply live too far to get to the veterinarian quickly, you may want to add:

Popsicle sticks - for immobilizing broken legs
Ophthalmic ointment - for scratched eyes, minor conjunctivitis.
Suturing materials (surgical needles and thread) - Use only if you know what you are doing, or to save a birdís life. Take to veterinarian ASAP.
Gelfoam -stops bleeding from flesh wounds. Available from your veterinarian.
Tegaderm dressing - helps healing for burns and certain open wounds. Encourages granulation ( healing/scabbing.) Available at any pharmacy.
Lactated Ringer's solution - used for IV rehydrating of dehydrated avians and flushing wounds. (Available from your Veterinarian)
Syringes - for injectable medications and irrigation of wounds.
Oxygen - this requires a prescription from your vet to be put on file with a local supply house. This is only needed by the most experienced of bird owner/breeders.

Care for Veterinary Vaccine Syringes:
(Neb.State) Selection and Use of Disinfectants >>>this article deals with disinfecting surfaces housing etc. and not the WOUNDS > please refer to the following excellent articles on WOUND MANAGEMENT...Injections and Suturing:
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